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Just in Time for Spring: Japanese Men in Loincloths



What with all the fancy diapers and the soothing thunder of a heartbeat in the womb, you might think The Kodo Drummers were doing a stylized baby thing. A kind of Lamaze-class-meets-"Stomp" thing. But expectant fathers, worry not — you'll be spared the subtle joys of the loincloth. Expectant mothers, on the other hand, might get something else out of the traditional drum ensemble. Kodo's athletic energy and the pounding of the taiko drum are said to conjure the adventures in the womb; the vibrations call up the ancient and primary memories of the mother's heartbeat. Then there's the physical artistry of the Kodo drummers as they beat a 900-pound Odaiko like a naughty Volkswagen. As for the loincloths worn by the performers, sure it's tradition, but also no chafing! The Modlin Center brings Kodo to the Landmark Theater Tuesday, March 13, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $26-$36. 262-8100 or S

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