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Josh Ritter

Thursday, June 10

Idaho's Josh Ritter has an uncanny gift for writing songs that so often feel as though they should be individually threaded and bound. Underneath his mix of Americana and neo-folk craftsmanship is a deft literary perspective, one capable of balancing a gamut of themes and characters in three- to four-minute bursts. Ritter's latest collection of songs, under the title, “So Runs the World Away,” only furthers his lyrical devotion to his historical and fictional inspirations. Whether churning out ocean-swelling imagery in which “your shoulder blade your spine were shorelines in the moon light” in the burning “Change in Time” or singing of love between an archeologist and a reanimated mummy in “The Curse,” Ritter successfully matches the impact of his influences. With Groovin' in the Garden returning to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Ritter is scheduled to perform Thursday, June 10, at 6 p.m. $20. 262-9887. — Mike Hilleary

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