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Josh Ritter at Groovin'


Listening to Josh Ritter can feel as though you're being entrusted with some schoolyard secret, something you know will find its way inevitably into the open regardless of what you do. But it's still nice to imagine as something meant just for you. Once regarded as just another pleasant, folksy musician with his break-out record, “Golden Age of Radio,” and its follow-up, “Hello Starling,” Ritter has since solidified his abilities as a full-fledged songwriter, especially with his last two albums, 2006's “Animal Years” and 2007's “The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter.” Ritter imbues his Americana-influenced music with all kinds of lyrical imagery, historical references and Biblical metaphors. He demonstrates the kind of quiet endurance that can hold its own against the likes of modern musical greats such as Conor Oberst, Ryan Adams and Sam Beam (as well as old-timers Dylan and Young). The Idaho native plays Lewis Ginter's summer concert series, Groovin' in the Garden, at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 28. $15-$25. 1800 Lakeside Ave. 262-9887. — Mike Hilleary

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