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Joseph B. Walton, 33

PresidentKappa Networks


Joseph P. Walton didn't intend to become a politician when he and his wife moved to Powhatan County. But he felt like it was time for diversity on the Board of Supervisors, he says. He ran, he won.

He immediately went to work, forming the Huguenot Trail Advisory Board, which is taking action to protect the environment of the Huguenot Trail — preventing the loss of the culture and history of the corridor as well as maintaining the physical quality of the road.

He's tried to apply a “thoughtful, balanced, fearless approach,” he says, finding it much more rewarding in civic affairs than the business world.
To aid in the regional effort of growth, Walton also sits on the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission. There, he's part of a team working on sample legislation to create a transportation authority for Central Virginia.

But Walton's not just a man on the political stage.

“I have always liked the theater and the creative side of life,” he says, dating back to high-school drama productions. This drew him to fill an opening at the Firehouse Theatre Project, where he helps with day-to-day technology and business management.

He draws on skills honed in his business of the past nine years, Kappa Networks, a technology consulting company that focuses on company networks. He's juggling all that while finishing a degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.


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