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Joe Morrissey Spokesman Thinks We're Mean Liars

Your recent articles on Joe Morrissey ("Morrissey Skirts Judgment, Employs Sex Offender," Street Talk; "Broadside Joe," News & Features, June 20) are false, misleading and defamatory.

Style Weekly published statements regarding Mr. Morrissey's businesses, daughter and associates. Six of those statements, published as "facts," are blatantly false and defamatory.

The entire thrust of your story was mean-spirited, condescending and grossly misleading. Suffice it to say that Joe fully accepted acknowledgment of his past foibles. He went out of his way to compliment present and former political opponents, members of the judiciary, and state and federal prosecutors. He was exceedingly respectful and deferential to all. Your story captured none of that. Shame on you.

Further, your story utterly failed to capture the stated purpose of the interview: to report on the experience of seeing Joe meeting with voters on their way to the polls or after they cast their ballots, or the essence of the man himself, including the tremendous successes he has achieved over the past six years. He has taught law school in two different countries and received rave reviews. He obtained his master's in law, finishing first in his class. He has devoted hundreds of hours to the physically and mentally challenged.

You mention none of the above, choosing instead, once again, to focus on anything and everything negative. Your readers were done a disservice.

Jeff McKee
Morrissey campaign spokesman


Editors' note: Style Weekly stands behind the content of the aforementioned stories as accurate, fair and true.

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