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Jo Doja

The gift of gab.

Doja was raised with five brothers and one sister in a single-parent home and found in T’s owner, Timothy Hobson, a sort of father figure. “He was always into positive stuff,” Doja says, “so I looked up to him.”

A customer gets up to offer him his seat. “That’s the famous Jo Doja right there,” he says in a playfully mocking tone. “Cadillac man.” Actually, it’s Cadi Man, or Lac Boy, whichever you prefer. The nicknames served as the title for his last single, and they refer to a genuine zeal for stretch Caddies. Doja has one parked out front that he just got. Black and sleek, he bought it for his 24th birthday, which he plans to celebrate later in Norfolk with his twin brother.

Doja has a new album coming called “Doja Boy,” due this summer through Danja Zone Entertainment. “It’s going to bring people into my world,” he says. Much of Doja’s music delves into the standard material of hip-hop: bling-bling and backsides. But he also sees much of his writing as a reflection of life. “Whether you’re sad, or happy,” he says, “whatever emotion you’re expressing, I’ve got a song on there for you.” — Wayne Melton

Jo Doja’s next album, “Doja Boy,” is due later this summer. Updates available on

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