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Jim Noonan

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When Jim Noonan asked his friend Charlotte about her first memory, she said it was of taking a trip to Charlottesville and saying, “I'm not a ville!” Noonan, 50, guesses “Dad's Blue Chevy,” his fifth published piece of flash fiction, best reflects how his mind works. “I don't want to say that I'm lazy,” he says, “but I don't have the steam for 5,000 words and I'm not great at poetry. I like the flashbulb moment. You have an emotive feel. This is kind of a good compromise between a short story and poetry.” Originally from upstate New York, in 2004 Noonan moved to Richmond, where he works as a technical writer. Judge Darren Morris writes: “Good fiction seeks to achieve that balance between the ink on the page and what is implied beneath. ‘Dad’s Blue Chevy' is a beautiful description of the substratum of lost moments that embodies the familial dynamic.”

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