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Jenna Bush Drops in for Hagers' Holiday

In Washington, D.C., recent media buzz has centered on the possible engagement of Jenna's sister, Barbara, who was reportedly seen wearing an oversized ring. (First Lady Laura Bush, however, told CNN she was not engaged to beau Jay Blount.)

Meanwhile, Jenna and Henry appear to be quietly fanning the flames of a protracted romance.

"Jenna was here for a couple of days," visiting with Henry earlier in the week, says John Hager, reached at his Windsor Farms home Dec. 23 — a few hours before the family's Christmas party. But Jenna had already returned to Washington, he said. He wouldn't comment further.

There seem to be inquiring minds everywhere. In a recent online discussion, Amy Argetsinger, a gossip columnist for the Washington Post, answered readers' questions about the pair. She confirmed they were still dating and had recently "passed the one-year mark." A columnist for a New York publication recently called Style seeking leads.

By most accounts, a Hager-Bush combo would appear to have the blessing of both families. In May 2004, President Bush appointed staunch Republican John Hager as assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services in the Department of Education. Henry Hager served a stint as a White House aide, and worked with Karl Rove on Bush's re-election campaign.

So, is the relationship getting serious— Scott Bass

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