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OMG! the JONAS BROTHERS r coming!!!! Nick, Kevin and, omg, Joe -- sooo hott. :-* Do you think he has a GF??! We'd be totally perfect 2gtr; I mean, ever since I saw their commercial 4 Baby Bottle Pop ... that's been MY favorite candy 4 forevr long 2! Nick even ♥ strawberry! I wish he would look ME in the eyes gahhh (so my fave song). Want 2 go w/me?? Its @ the Richmond Coliseum on 3/11. Btw, rents are cool with driving us! Dad says he wants 2 come in tho — way cool, jk — UGH so embarrassing. >:-) I wanna hear em play "SOS" whata AWESOME song. And Disney chnl … dyk they were on Hannah Montana's show, and get this, J.O.N.A.S = their new show!!! Moms gonna get us tix 2day, show's @ 7, and $30-$50! - g'bye allowance ugh. Call — don't text — 780-4956. C u l8r.

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