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Jamison May Lose Severance

In essence, his employment agreement is voided.

Chester Brazzell, the city's director of human resources, says it's likely that the ordinance dealing with Jamison's employment agreement will be updated in the near future. But he declined to discuss specifics.

"Between now and December, there are a number of ordinances and documents that probably need some updating to prepare for this change," Brazzell says. "When the manager sits with council, they will talk about it."

At a Sept. 17 employee retreat dealing with the early January transition — the new charter goes into effect once the new mayor takes the oath — Jamison said he wasn't focusing on his employment agreement or lack of severance. He declined to comment on whether the charter change was forcing him to hunt for a new job.

"I've been focusing on what we are trying to do here," he said, "making sure that we move the city forward," referring to the recent havoc wrought by Tropical Storm Gaston and the impending concern about Hurricane Ivan that Friday. "I have a strong commitment to the city of Richmond."

Almost on cue, the wind picked up just after 4 p.m., knocking out the lights briefly, interrupting the conversation at the Pine Camp Community Center on Old Brook Road. The meeting resumed a few minutes later. — Scott Bass

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