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It's Yiddish for Awesome

“Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” at The Camel.


With the title of her show sounding like some adult film, it's easy to mistake Susannah Perlman's comedic stage revue, “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad,” as a performance piece not suitable for the easily offended (it isn't). Part Jewish burlesque routine, part musical act, Perlman, alongside several other kosher women, deconstructs years of religious tradition in direct doses of raunchiness and skit parodies. Whether re-enacting a teen's voice-cracking bat mitzvah speech, singing about the ingredients of gefilte fish, or doing dance numbers dressed as dreidels, lampooning familiar stereotypes never had more chutzpah. “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” comes to the Camel on Saturday, Dec. 20, at 8 p.m. $15. 353-4901. — Alexander Chang

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