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It's all about me.

The First "I Want to Be On the Cover" Contest


"I never have been. I deserve it."

"The small business I founded last year is tanking right along with the economy and I need somebody to see me on the cover of Style and offer me another job before I starve."

"I prefer the folded potato chip next to the flat round ones."

"The public needs to support travel agents NOW ..."

"Being a flamboyant, aggressive, single, head of household, Afro American recent honors college graduate and runway fashion model experienced in the office administration field is a complex package to promote in this conservative town."

Some entries surprised us. A "spokescow" for Chick-fil-A showed up at our offices with 10 hoof-written reasons why the fast-food chain's Holstein mascots should be on the cover. One man submitted 30 pages of material to make his case. One woman created a photo collage. And David Dennie wrote that "like a boomerang, like the swallows to Capistrano, like the cursed humidity here every summer," he has left and returned to Richmond seven times.

And in homage to the contest Style discontinued last year, we bestow the "You Are Very Richmond If" prize on Eleanor Neal, an usher at the Carpenter Center and the Barksdale Theatre, former co-director of Colony Cotillion, co-chairwoman of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League and "alumna of TeeJay and Miss Fry Dancing School." Neal wrote: "During a conversation with the very well known Robert Watkins and deVeaux Riddick, deVeaux chided me with, 'You know everybody' — and Robert said, 'No, everybody knows her.'"

Now, meet our winners.

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