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It's about time


It's about time Janet Giampietro's article on the improvements at the city pound came as welcome news (Metro, Sept. 7). It's about time the city responded to the pressure from the citizens and humane groups to clean up this mess. It is interesting that City Councilman John Conrad was singled out for his commitment to cleaning up the pound. He sat back and allowed Robert Bobb and Connie Bawcum to spend enormous sums of public money defending the wrongdoers at the pound. Had Conrad and his colleagues listened in the beginning, all the sound, fury and waste of public money could have been avoided. Now, Conrad is ready to take credit for the reform. How ironic, considering that the president of S.O.S. ran against Conrad in the last election precisely because of his ineffectiveness in dealing with this seemingly simple problem. Style Weekly quoted the opportunistic Councilman as saying "if a city can't run an animal shelter, what can it do," which happened to be his opponent's campaign slogan. It is just too bad that animals and employees suffered unnecessary abuse before Conrad saw the light — or, shall I say, the political benefit in embracing the cause of pound reform. --Kelly Fulcher Correction: In last week's Homestyle, Steve Griffin's "Tung-Sol #3" should have been listed as being on display at Main Art Gallery. Style regrets the error. We want to hear from you
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