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Israel Nash Gripka at Gallery5

Tuesday, March 9.


If Israel Nash Gripka isn't a firm believer in doppelgAnger theory — the idea that somewhere out there is an identical copy of yourself — his audiences should let him know he should be. Everything about the guy, from his messy-haired singer-songwriter look to his city-embedded Americana sound, is a dead ringer for some bizarro Ryan Adams. Of course, having any musical similarity to one of the best contemporary songwriters isn't always a bad thing. Feeling like a spiritual sequel to Adams' “Gold,” Gripka's independently released debut, “New York Town,” nestles nicely somewhere between Manhattan and Springsteen's Asbury Park. Playing a number of sing-for-his-supper dates, Israel Nash Gripka performs at Gallery5 with the Fieros on Tuesday, March 9, at 7 p.m. $7.

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