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Intimate Concerts, Now in Rerun


Now that we have two shiny new music venues, Richmond suddenly feels like a music town. Before that, shows were often a bit more intimate. And JAMinc put on a lot of them. For the last few years, the organization has been devoted to hosting intimate concerts featuring little-known musicians, events where fans could bring food and meet the artists.

"We tend to pull in a various array of talent and it basically spans the taste of the board of directors of JAMinc," says Robbin Thompson, a JAMinc board member and vice president of In Your Ear Music and Recording, the studio complex on 19th Street that hosts and records the concerts.

Page Wilson, the self-proclaimed Purveyor of Purebred American Mongrel Music, is providing a new venue for JAMinc -- his weekly radio program, "Out o' the Blue Radio Revue." Beginning Saturday, July 26, the popular revue will feature music from the wide range of artists that JAMinc has acquired in its archive of live performances. Piedmont blues legend John Cephas and singer Eliza Lynn will kick off the monthly radio series.

Wilson hopes to "expose folks to music they might not have heard before -- which is something that JAMinc does too. And we'll get the opportunity to present live performances from one of the best recording studios in the area."

Listen to 88.9 WCVE Saturday, July 26, at 8 p.m. to hear Cephas and Lynn play their favorites tunes on "Out 0' the Blue Radio Revue." JAMinc plans to bring in guitarist Wayne Henderson for a concert later this year.

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