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Louisiana Territory's first full-length. Plus, Tim Barry,  The Thirds and more local band news.



Using the proven vocal technique of potato chips and cold beer, Mark Brown just finished laying down lead vocals for the first full-length by roots-pop band Louisiana Territory. The band also features bassist Matt Klimas of The Snowy Owls and The Low Branches, guitarist Tyler Crowly, and percussion by Miguel Urbiztondo (Maki, Koester). Recorded by John Morand at Sound of Music, “Traces of Gold” should be out by early October.

You may have heard the latest tracks from thrash kings Municipal Waste during their recent national tour with Lamb of God. If not, set aside Aug. 25 for some good ol' mind-erasing when they release “Massive Aggressive,” their latest record, on Earache. The band is especially stoked on the Clam Box special edition that includes the CD, a wristband, a patch and badges.

Billy Creekmore, mastermind behind the experimental indie-rock of The Thirds, has an indulgence for collecting oddball keyboards and other unwanted instruments. That's why his almost-full apartment-cum-recording studio is called the Fosterhome. Three years after “Planet of Me” seems about right for a new record by The Thirds, which was recorded at the Fosterhome and is being mastered for an early September release. Expect to hear a lot more piano, pedal steel and strange noises.

Before he joins other punks-gone-acoustic on the Revival Tour this fall, Tim Barry's new album, “28th & Stonewall,” should already be set to memory for maximum sing-alongs. He recorded again with Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage and enlisted a who's-who of Richmond musicians for backup, including his touring band Caitlin Berry and Josh Small (Brainworms), as well as Charles Arthur (Piedmont Souprize), Daniel Clarke (Modern Groove Syndicate), Josh Bearman (The Hot Seats) and the No BS Brass Band. To tide you over, the song “Thing of the Past” will be released on a split 7-inch on Suburban Home Records.

If you can't stop watching “I Love the 80's,” two Richmond reunions should be on your calendar. First up is the Rockitz 25th Anniversary Reunion Aug. 15 at Capital Ale House [see page 34]. The lineup includes The Bopcats, Bruce Olsen & the Offenders and the Rockitz All-Star Band, featuring members of local bands that you worshipped in 1984. Around that time, you also might have gone to see a show at the little hole in the wall called Benny's Bar. Tentatively scheduled for Sept. 12 at the Triple, former owner Benny Waldbauer will host the Bennyfit concert with Dirty Secrets, Orthotonics, The Really Big Good Guys, White Cross and Beex. All proceeds go to Richmond Hospice.

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