If you can have just one band's songs stuck in your head this spring, may we suggest the warm choruses of new indie-rock band Marionette? Composed of seasoned jazz musicians and members of Tulsa Drone, Barstool Heroes and Dark Little Rooms, their EP "You Are Here" was recorded by Todd Corvin at The Living Room studio.

Speaking of Dark Little Rooms, Scott Crowder's now-solo endeavor is back with 14 songs of moody pop on the forthcoming album "Foolish Beauty."

Winner of Most Metal Moniker goes to Tigershark. The band, composed of ex-members of The Assistant, The SetUp, Are You Fucking Serious?! and Castle Danger, has rereleased its six-song demo on cassette with help from The Perpetual Motion Machine. It also contains a few new songs recorded for a split 12-inch with ex-Virginians Apeshit!, which will be released on new Richmond label MolSook Records. Look for Tigershark at The Camel April 6 with TODD and Hex Machine and at other venues later on in the month.

As for Hex Machine, it's been diligently solidifying its rock wrecking ball after a near-fatal van fire last fall. Dave Witte is way busy with other projects (Municipal Waste, duh), so the band welcomed new drummer Chris Gallo, who honed his chops quite impressively in Clockhammer, Farquhar and Mao Tse Helen. The group also added guitarist Scott Hudgins, who was a member of the seminal Slang Laos and currently plays in Tulsa Drone. Hex Machine is finishing up material for its debut full-length; hear a sneak preview when the group headlines the April 21 WRIR benefit show.

PJ Sykes is a busy man. January saw the release of "I See the Nightbirds" by his main musical project, the experimental duo A New Dawn Fades (with Nathan McGlothlin). He's lent his musical talents to Timothy Bailey and the Humans and McGlothlin's other project, The Late Virginia Summers. He's just started the Graceland Grave Robbers, a Sun Records-inspired band featuring members of Lint-Free and Belles (formerly Moscow Apartment). Oh, one more thing — the opening of his Volume III collection of band photos runs through April at Harrison Street Café.

For those who don't know what a turntable looks like, hardcore band Brainworms just released their "Which Is Worse?" 12-inch on CD through local label Rorschach Records. It's 15 tracks, a combination of the "Is It Weird" tape and the live demo recorded at Minimum Wage in 2005. This enhanced CD also features live video from Best Friends Day and Gainesville Fest.

Single Spies, Richmond's only "awesome-core" band, have sadly broken up. They play their last show for RVA magazine's anniversary party, April 14 at Gallery 5. For info on the members' awesome future projects, read next month's Inside Track.

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