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Fresh off the Ghost of Pop festival, the Palominos have put the finishing touches on their new full-length, “Egos.” Sounding like “a '70s keg party in space,” a few of the tracks feature fellow Ghost of Pop members Prabir and the Substitutes on backing vocals. Look for their CD release show in late winter.

Since the demise of their former bands, keyboardist Alison Hancock and guitarist Robert Barrow of Marsupials and drummer Jamie Lay of Moste Potente Potions have teamed up as the Color Kittens. Although their brand of rock 'n' roll comes straight outta the garage, the Color Kittens will play real venues Feb. 7 (Ramakins).

Do you find yourself lamenting the loss of real country music? For the past 10 years, J.B. Beverley and the Wayward Drifters have been playing the kind of country music that reflects real life, and not the latest fashion trends. They've played shows with Wayne “the Train” Hancock, Dale Watson and Bill Kirchen, and toured with Hank Williams III. Beverley's experiences from the road, the trains and the everyday people that he encountered are now the subject of a new documentary road film called “Back to Basics.” The band's also completed work on its CD at the local Rebel Roots Studios. “Watch America Roll By” will be out in early spring.

RVAjazz, a Richmond jazz resource created by local musician and student Dean Christesen, announces RVAjazzfest 2009. On Feb. 21 at the Camel, internationally renowned trumpeter Steven Bernstein, who's worked with Lou Reed, Levon Helm and the Lounge Lizards, will perform with Richmond's Fight the Big Bull. The Bull was recently featured on NPR's “Fresh Air” program and recently named its record “Dying Will Be Easy” one of the top 10 jazz albums of 2008. The RVAjazzfest will also feature Boots of Leather, a Velvet Underground-inspired trio. Rounding out the bill is the avant-garde jazz group Glows in the Dark. For information, visit

Ed Savoy has played in, recorded, promoted, produced, guided and mentored more bands than most self-respecting lifers could ever hope to. And he's at it again. Bullistic was Savoy's most recent project, but he's put together a new lineup and now presents White Knuckle Battery. Formed in August 2008, White Knuckle Battery describes its sound as “straight up, in-your-face metal.” Look for a debut CD early this year. — Compiled by Mike Rutz of “Activate” on 97.3 and Jay Smack of “Studio B” on 102.1


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