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Crusty metal-heads Parasytic are finishing work on their new album, to be released on Despotic Punk. Just in time, too, since Forrest is manning bass on a June/July European tour with his other band, noise-punks Aghast, and Erik Larson will be on perpetual tour with Alabama Thunderpussy starting in July. These bands are supporting new records as well, Aghast with "Deformities" and ATP with "Open Fire." ATP joins Lamb of God for a highly anticipated hometown show Sept. 2 at Toad's Place.

Ki:Theory is a once-full band turned solo act, turned back to full band, which now exists as a sometimes solo act and sometimes full band, depending on the venue and the day. Joel Burleson is the heart and mind behind Ki:Theory's technology-influenced rock, and he just released a free digital-only acoustic EP, "Save Our City," to coincide with a residency at D.C.'s The Red & The Black. The song "Fighting for It" can be heard in the end credits of the bio-diesel documentary "Revolution Green" featuring Willie Nelson. Burleson also wrote an 11-minute piece of music for the upcoming movie "American Dreamers."

Caution Cat is also a one-man show, with Virgil Jones handling everything from songwriting to production to engineering to performing all the instruments. Caution Cat was born in the summer of 2006 on home-recorded "Put on Your Headphones" for free giveaways.

"I had such a good time with the project that I decided to make it permanent and then released 'Collecting Clouds' in February 2007 to also give away," Jones says. "Rescue Records of Pasadena, Calif., just signed my first CD and has already placed two of the songs on the NBC-TV show 'The Black Donnellys.'" Caution Cat is not Jones' first foray into the Richmond music scene. He previously played in My Guitar, Goodnight Gracie and Frayo, although he says he was always doing his own thing on the side.

Pop-rock outfit Conshafter is privileged to be recording new songs with legendary producer Keith Shocklee (Public Enemy, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, etc.) at Planet2Planet Studios in Manhattan. The group has also recently gained national exposure in Spin and All Music Guide. We'll see where else the band pops up in coming months.

— Compiled by Mike Rutz of "Activate" on 97.3 and Jay Smack of "Studio B" on 102.1. S

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