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Innsbrook After Hours finds a permanent home

Move Afoot, Again, for After Hours


When the Wednesday concert series Innsbrook After Hours starts up in the spring, you'll need new directions - again. For the third time, the post-workday event must sidestep construction and other projects at the booming Innsbrook office park before finding a permanent home in 2002. At least next year's site, a little south of this year's location, will have grass and plenty of room, says Denise Kranich, who organizes the 20-week concert series as program director for The Innsbrook Owners Association. The new site, which will accommodate 5,000 to 6,000 concert-goers, is in the general vicinity of last year's site, Kranich says, "but much prettier, with parking." Through 1998, Innsbrook After Hours set up bands and beer trucks in a clearing behind DeFazio's. But when construction began on the Hilton Gardens Hotel in 1999, the concert moved to an area off Lake Brook Drive near the Texaco. "Well, they started building buildings there again," Kranich says. So to prepare for the 2000 series, Kranich recruited her husband, a structural engineer who had built the stage, to help drag the stage west about 150 yards. "We literally pulled it with a bulldozer," she says. The new site offered no parking, so the association was forced to provide shuttle buses. And there was no grass - only gravel. "It was tough this year," Kranich sighs. Now, thanks to more construction, another move is in the works for the 2001 series. The association hopes to move it slightly south, cut some trees, plant some grass and create a new clearing for the concert area. And no more shuttle buses. Kranich hopes this will be the series' last move. A new clubhouse-type area is scheduled to be built for the Innsbrook area by 2002. This will include volleyball courts, a small amphitheater and several thousand parking spots with the Market Café nearby. "It's all on the drawing board," Kranich

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