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In summer, River City turns toward water — in all its manifestations.

The Summer Splash

Richmond was founded on the water, and named for a river bend that reminded early visitors of one in England. So without water Richmond wouldn't be where it is, and it wouldn't be named Richmond.

Whether we remember it or not, Richmond is a water town. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. For centuries, the city's developers looked inward, away from the river and its docks. Even now, every winter the city turns from the frigid river and huddles with its restaurants, its shopping, its warm hearths.

But cycles turn. Lately, development has looked to the river. And every year, as the summer heat comes again we turn back to the cooling water. Kayaks and canoes are pulled from storage, bathing suits are plucked from drawers, dogs are unleashed to leap into the spray. Inner tubes sweep downstream to slip between rocks.

In summer we're reminded more than ever: Here, as everywhere, water is life.

Taking the Plunge
A leap, a plummet, a splash — I was addicted to the high dive.

My So-Called Lifeguard
Lifeguarding is not just fun and games. There's sleep too.

City of Water
From fountains to lakes to Fountain Lake, Richmond is blessed with waterworks.

Waste Not, Want Not
The afterlife of your bath water.

Sizzle or Fizzle?
It's déj… vu all over again as sequels dominate this summer's movies.

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