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In Good Spirits

Broken Tulip employee Amanda Faller delivers libations to the housebound.



Good Samaritans are born in times of distress. 

As people social distance, self-isolate and quarantine themselves across the country, heroic people have taken it upon themselves to help those under house arrest. 

“I work for them, so when they let me know they’d be doing online sales, I offered to do delivery,” says one. 

Broken Tulip’s Amanda Faller says that she could think of no better way to spend her newly acquired free time than by assisting her generous employer.

“They’ve offered us food, anything we need, so I wanted to try and help them.” 

Not all heroes wear capes, but some do don beaked plague masks. In an Instagram post announcing its new pandemic offering, Broken Tulip writes: “This is Amanda, our wine plague physician. She will be making daily wine deliveries in RVA for those that order through our website. Hopefully in this mask. All delivery fees go straight to Amanda in full — we all appreciate your support now and always.”

Starting Monday March 16, Faller started delivering bottles of Troddenvale cider, French whites and Italian reds to the trapped and thirsty. 

Whenever the owner gets an online order in, Faller receives a text. Faller says if the orders ramp up, they’ll probably set a concrete delivery window. She’s happy to help, but says she definitely doesn’t see any Uber driving in her future.

“It’s nice to not have to go to Farm Fresh or the gas station to buy wine.” 

Very nice indeed. 

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