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Humbug on Lights? Writer's a Grinch

Paul Fleisher's Back Page ("Pulling the Plug," Nov. 21) was nothing short of Grinchy. He proposes we indoctrinate children with a fabricated notion of a global consequence of having too many Christmas lights? Not only does he want to spoil the excitement of children, he would like us to nanny our neighbors. He, not subtly, suggests Christmas lights should be a police-reportable crime.

Fleisher has bought into the notion that CO2 levels precede temperature rises when everyone, save the hardcore environmentalists, is backing away from that claim on overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Firstly, environmentalists would like to stop all debate. Secondly, they would like to regulate everyone, using their fault-laden projections and pseudoscience.

If someone can afford to have 40,000-plus lights, it's no one else's business. It's certainly not Fleisher's business. He should drive his hybrid and use his twisty light bulbs and feel enlightened and pompous quietly to himself. How does he know those with the Christmas lights haven't set up Carbon Credit fronts like his revered leader?

Jes Simon

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