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Huguenot Bridge condition is political; Couple's living situation is nobody's business


Huguenot Bridge condition is political

Why is it necessary to spend $30 million to fix the congestion at Parham and Patterson? Politics.

Sen. John Watkins possibly used his political power to have highway 288 run through his property. The money designated for Parham/ Patterson should be spent to replace an ailing Huguenot Bridge (Street Talk, June 20).

Henrico County could care less about the replacement of the Huguenot Bridge. The county's priority is to solve the traffic problem that will be caused by 288 going out to West Creek. Chesterfield County does not care about the Huguenot Bridge because they desperately want to have 288 go through Chesterfield and bring in new business.

Julio G. Del Corso III

Couple's living situation is nobody's business

I am not surprised that a professor of public health and sociology has decided that he is "helping" people by ganging up with law enforcement to force an independent albeit low-income, older couple to move out of their inexpensive housing in the Fan and forcing them onto public assistance at taxpayers' expense (News & Features, July 4).

Jack and Betty Swandol seem to like living on their own. They seem to have resisted public assistance. They contracted for use of the garage space they rent, and apparently the ventilation and plumbing are good enough for them. Perhaps they cannot afford more. Perhaps they are saving for something better down the road.

It's really not the general public's business unless a true nuisance is created, and that has not occurred.

This situation is a perfect example of how laws designed to " help" tend to end up being used to cause harm and further reduce people into dependency on bureaucrats instead o themselves and their friends and loved ones. Instead of referring the Swandols for mental evaluation for not sharing his aesthetics, perhaps the professor should get his own head examined.

David Garland


Barbara Lea-Kruger's statement in the July 11 issue that HIV can only be contracted through sex was taken out of context. It should be noted that HIV may be transmitted from infected mothers to newborns as well as intravenously through the sharing of needles.

In the July 11 issue Seal Team member Patti Wetlaufer's name was spelled incorrectly. Style regrets the error.

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