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How to Deal With Drunks


Marithe Patterson, bartender at the Bellytimber Tavern and F.W. Sullivan's Fan Bar & Grille.

There is never an easy way to deal with drunk people. It isn't fun for the bartender or the drunk person we're having to deal with. This is the A-to-E route I take:

A. Conversation. If the person looks intoxicated, I'll be like: "Man, you look like you're feeling good, maybe a little hydration is needed. I can't have you feeling like shit in the morning."

B. Smile big. That's the trick.

C. Place a glass of water in front of the drunk and talk to his or her friends to see how this person is getting home.

D. If coercion doesn't work and they make a big deal out of it, tell them, "It was nice to have you in our bar, but it's time to go." Smile, wave and tell them to visit McDonald's or Taco Bell on the way home.

E. Call a cab if necessary.

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