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Hot Take: A Look at Richmond Street Fashion Heading Into Summer 2017


It’s time for vibrant spring styles, flashy colors and statement accessories. Style’s own fashion photographer, Scott Elmquist, hit the streets of Richmond looking for the inspiring and the eye-catching — from designer to thrift. Here’s what Richmond is wearing to welcome the warm weather.


Roni Ru, 19, artist
“My style is masculine, sporty, punk, functional.”

Ken Cipriotti, 18, student and artist
“I’d say my style is white trash mom.”


David Bellamy, 36, quality assurance software specialist
“I like something simple: classic with a pop of color. I don’t look to outside sources as a barometer for what I should wear. I do what I like based on texture, color and the seasons.”


Riza Lopez, 29, works for Trader Joe’s
“I grew up in Hawaii. The flower on the left side represents that you are taken and on the right that you’re single. I like pleated skirts — they’re fun and flirty. I like anything bright, so that it can accentuate.”

Anika Turkiewicz, 24, medical student
“I like bright colors. I usually wear simple, easy, comfortable clothes — one very easy piece.”


Renika Starks, 29, works at a group home
“I just wear whatever I think is cute. I found this dress on Amazon.”


Em Erf, 20, business student at J. Sargeant Reynolds
“I trade clothes with my partner. This is his shirt, and he got these shoes for me but they were originally for him. It’s very androgynous, and my style feeds off that.”


Joshua Worrell, 24, director of transportation in Blackstone, Va.
Self-described style: traditional.

Kaitlyn McMillion, 22, dance instructor
“I’m usually in yoga pants and a T-shirt. I got this dress from the Charlottesville downtown mall street vendor.”


Michael Young, 24, artist
“I’d say I dress slightly goth — minimal.”

Erica Reyes, 24, student of mass communications
“I go for a bohemian grunge.”


Neemit Shah, 36, sales manager for MassMutual
“I always dress to impress.”


Mia Washington, 19, biology major, pre-med
“I was going for more of a Solange [Knowles] look.”

Miranda James, 22, student of mass communications
“Whatever I see, I like.”


Michael Arroyo, 25, art director in advertising
Self-described style: industrial eclecticism, bohemian. “I like to mix prints, textiles and patterns. These shoes are actually repurposed Turkish rugs. I got them in Israel. They’re called smoking loafers. The shirt is from my dad’s closet.”


Alexa Oswald, 22, server and tae kwon do instructor
“I thrift most of my outfits and I like to be comfortable.”

Michael Babus, 27, server and bartender
“Secondhand mostly — it’s all luck — but every once in a while I’ll invest in a statement piece.”


Aiga Langan, 30, stay-at-home mom
A Latvian transplant to Richmond, Langan describes her style as “eclectic.”


Hasnah Alsader, 22, pre-dental student
“I like a sport look.”