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Charles Miller, 81, Jogger, adventure-seeker

Miller seems to come by his sense of adventure — and humor — naturally, from years of practice.

An Air Force pilot in World War II, he flew B-17s over Europe. When he came home, he says, "I got itchy and went to Japan." Over there, Miller flew B-29s, planes most folks have never heard of, he says. In all, he flew 28 missions in the Great War.

Time spent in the air over Europe and Japan didn't make Miller want to stay grounded when he returned. Take his cycling trips, for example.

When Miller was a shy bit younger he and some friends would weave across foreign lands on bikes. Twice he's ridden across France, a 400-mile trek. And he's biked across New Zealand, too. "I didn't know it had snow-capped mountains like the Alps lining the sky," he says. "It was beautiful." — Brandon Walters

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