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Homebytes piece on the mark; Enough dot-com dishing; Channel 6 delivers


Homebytes piece on the mark

Viva Kevin Finucane! He has hit the nail on Homebytes' head (metro, June 12).

I'm the girl who is not holding a grudge against him for luring me into the Web only to get tossed out two weeks later. In fact, I found the whole Homebytes experience rather hilarious. Especially the end (mine).

To begin with, on the day I and my recently hired co-workers were fired the head honcho showed up late. A crew of us were left waiting unawares while a pizza party for the not-fired employees raged next door. No one made eye contact. No one breathed. One flustered Homebytes fan asked innocently, "What's taking so long? There won't be any pizza left for us."

Then in walked the honcho — head hung, bedraggled. He dropped the bomb: We were gone. He gave a speech, giving a bravo performance.

By now, many of us were sniffling. The fan's face was streaked with tears, and the Homebytes recruiter (what was she doing there?) was handing out hankies. I simply listened to the Honcho babble like a boob, then thanked my escort for seeing me out.

I had it easy at Homebytes. I hardly knew anyone's name. I sidestepped the contrived sadness that comes with these newfangled layoffs. Heck, I was hip — a dot-com castoff. Yet I still feel a yearning to shake that Homebytes fan with the tear-streaked face and scream.

Thanks, Finucane. It was fun.

Kerry McCormack

Enough dot-com dishing

Enough smug dishing and gripes about the demise of dot-coms. I prefer to see Homebytes not as a story of a "failed revolution" and "rising soda costs," but as a story of personal triumph for the talented people who dared to challenge the status quo. Our gains were not as obvious as cash riches. They were subtle, but perhaps more permanent.

At Homebytes, we had the rare privilege of working side-by-side every day with some of the best and brightest people from a patchwork of professions: technology, law, real estate, finance, HR and marketing. We learned from each other. We were held accountable. We overcame obstacles daily. We were motivated. Dedicated. Empowered. Passionate. Proud. We were happy in our work. And for all of that, each of us will continue as stronger professionals. Not a bad thing at all for us or for the community.

Watch for these 140-plus Homebytes alumni in the coming years. There were more than a handful of shining stars in the bunch. That's the story I want to read about.

Tyler Snidow

Past VP of marketing, Homebytes

Channel 6 delivers

Good, hard-hitting feature on Channel 6 that makes all of us want to watch (cover story, June 12).

News Director Mark Neerman is correct in defusing "tabloid" criticism. "News that people want to see, will talk about at work all day — programs that look exciting and are exciting" is the style that made Miami Herald's Pulitzer prize-winning Edna Buchanan the No. 1 print journalist in the USA.

Too often news providers hide behind the "sophistication" of boring, dull, stodgy journalism. We need to get beyond any elitist view or effete snobbism, which is censorship by someone who thinks that they can decide what we see and know.

The "take-us-there" attitude of on-the-spot coverage and delivering cutting-edge journalism that affects all of us is what the First Amendment is all about. Never have I seen a news-about-news feature more real than this one.

Ronald Amon

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