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Unlike some film festivals, where you smugly sit in some anonymous theater and think about either how poorly they framed that shot or how great it would be to introduce Parker Posey as your girlfriend, the 14th James River Film Festival insists on being more personal. This year's festival, running April 9-15 at the Byrd, Firehouse and other places, throws a lot of familiar faces onto the screens, from GWAR's Dave Brockie and White Cross' Richard Cranmer in the Reagan-era punkumentary "American Hardcore" to a remembrance of Bryan Harvey, Dika Newlin and others whose lives were captured on celluloid. Plus the great master of the Super 8, John Porter, holds a workshop and screening of work made on the small-caliber film stock. And then there's Chuck Statler, the man who, by practically inventing the music video, almost single-handedly edited your attention span down to a few flashing moments. Those people and more are all there in your lap. Except Parker Posey. Some events are free, some are $7. Call 232-RMIC or visit

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