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Home Front: The Future of Quilts?


Hartley talks more like an art history professor or a psychoanalyst than a palm reader. "I tend to look at it more as a set of symbols, the kind of kind of thing that Joseph Campbell would have written a book about," she says. "It's really just about the normal aspects of human life."

Hartley made three quilts for the deck: the six of swords and the two and eight of cups. After reading the back story and working on the quilts daily, Hartley says she began to see connections between the cards and her life.

"The two of cups is all about love and relationships. I thought this card was about a relationship I was in at the time," Hartley says. "I finished the quilt and the relationship ended and then I met my husband."

The idea started in an online quilt group and word spread. This will be the quilt's second show; it's already shown once at the Chicago Quilt Festival.

The show runs through March 31. There will be a slide show and presentation March 10 at 7 p.m. Quilting Adventures is located at 7121 Staples Mill Road. For more information call (804) 262-0005 or visit www.joycehartley.com.


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