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Home Front: Remains of the Day Lilies



Want an array of day lilies that rivals Pamela Rutledge's? (See "At Home With" on page 27.) On June 10, Maymont will host its third annual day lily sale.

Once every three years, Maymont staff dig and divide the lilies that grow near the Children's Farm and sell them to benefit the foundation. Prices range from $2 for common cultivars to $30 and higher for rare varieties.

We asked Maymont Director of Horticulture Peggy Singlemann to share some advice for lily lovers:

1. Arrive early. The sale begins at noon, and those who stroll in later may be out of luck. Get in line in the morning with a lawn chair, coffee and newspaper, and you're set.

2. Seek the unique. This is your chance to get rare varieties, like the namesake Maymont Double — a pale lemon-yellow double bloom. Look for cultivars you haven't seen elsewhere.

3. Bring a pad and paper. Photos of each bloom will be displayed, but the tags on each plant will display only the name. Writing down the color of each variety you buy will help you decide where to plant them.

4. Don't stress: Day lilies are easy. "Anybody who's got sunshine can grow a day lily," Singlemann says.

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