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Home Front: New Year's Resolution: Declutter

Throw it out, donate it or put it in its place. Professional organizer and feng shui practitioner Debbie Bowie advises her clients: "If you don't love it or use it, lose it."

Keep only things with positive energy in your space. "Of course you can't eliminate people in your family or taxes," Bowie jokes, "but you can pay attention to where everything goes. As you clear your space, you will get clear mentally, and then you will be able to make better choices about your life."

Bowie, of Simply Organized (www.soorganized.net), helps her clients create comfortable, welcoming homes. "An interior decorator's aim is to improve how a space looks. We're aiming for comfort and how a space feels."

Why pay for a professional organizer? "There is very often an emotional component to clutter, and a professional will help you push past those walls," says Bowie. "Also, you can't procrastinate when you're paying someone to work with you. It's exponentially faster because we do it all the time and we're not emotionally attached."

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