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Home Front: Inspiration From Afar



A pair of born-again lawyers, the Heymings moved here from Los Angeles to be closer to family. They were married and expecting a baby, but wanted to find a way to share their professional lives too. Angie had always been interested in interior design, and Hank was into travel. So international furniture retail suited both of their interests.

So what have they turned up to keep you cool this summer?

The Indonesian lounge furniture looks best for the season — dark teak and leather plantation chairs ($925), a fold-out recliner with light teak slats that lie like a hammock ($495) and wicker tub-seats that sit on the floor ($575). The store is also dotted with distinctive vases in organic shapes made by an Indonesian potter ($10-$75).

These Four Walls isn't the only family-run furniture store on the block. Sarah Paxton and Andy Thornton's modern warehouse, La Différence, is just a few feet away. But Angie Heyming isn't intimidated. She sees block parties in the future and joint sales in the alley the two stores share.

"Stark modern pairs really well with organic," she says, "so their super-clean-lined couches pair really well with our root chairs." HS


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