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Home Front: Help Wanted: Homes With Stories



If those crumbling notes and Civil War bullets didn't make you rich on "Antiques Roadshow," they might get you famous on HGTV's "If Walls Could Talk."

The show, in its eighth season, is hunting for homes with history. Producers are looking for people who found historic items in their homes — items that spurred them to research how they related to the people who used to live there.

"In the past, people have been doing renovation or restoration projects — tearing out floorboards, looking in the attic — and we'll have people find diaries, letters, war memorabilia," says Jenna Friederich, a researcher for the show.

"It doesn't have to be big-money items," she says. "[It] could be a note." Locked chests or cabinets are particularly intriguing, and in recent seasons the show has started sending out appraisers, Friederich adds.

HGTV already has found two families north of Richmond to feature, but they'd welcome more. Think your walls might be ready to talk? Contact Friederich at (303) 712-3146 or JFriederich@highnoonentertainment.com. HS


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