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Home Front: Eye on Design


Gallery owners Bart Schultz and Tron McLaughlin don't have to walk very far to get to work. At the bottom of the staircase in the historic West Broad Street apartment building where they live sits a long white-brick room full of bright paintings and unique home furnishings. It's their new gallery, Outre, scheduled to open May 5.

Schultz says he and McLaughlin feel strongly about promoting students and local artists. Their first exhibit will feature artwork and objects designed by Virginia Commonwealth University students.

"We're doing things that are a probably a bit out of the ordinary," Schultz says. "The name of the gallery is Outre, which means 'outside' or 'beyond,' so what we're doing is bringing in art objects and furniture that are creative and not mainstream."

Outre will be design-oriented, he says, with monthly exhibits in the front and a retail store in the back.

"It's going to be a combination of art, recycled furniture and lighting, midcentury modern furniture, pottery, jewelry and other women's accessories," Schultz says.

Outre's atypical opening at 3 W. Broad St. will feature an exhibit called "Eye Candy and Potatoes," which will include art made from candy wrappers, and photography documenting the childhood toy Mr. Potato Head.

"There is so much wonderful art here and it's tough for artists to get shows in Richmond," Schultz says, "so we're working toward creating opportunities." — Pryor Green

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