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"Home" at Richmond CenterStage

Nov. 11-14

One of the best series on television, Matthew Weiner's “Mad Men” excels at depicting the minutiae of social and cultural change during the late 1950s and early '60s. Peripherally tackling subjects such as drinking, smoking, adultery, feminism, drug use and a rising beat youth, one thing that could help the show is a stronger story line stemming from the black perspective. Until such a role is written in for the show's upcoming fifth season, audiences can obtain the troubled worldview through the African American Repertory Theatre and Samm-Art Williams' stage work, “Home.” Following the life of protagonist Cephus Miles as he's forced to leave the familiarity of his family's North Carolina farm and into an America at war abroad and with its own social inequality, three actors tackle more than 25 roles to depict America in a severe time of transition. “Home” runs Nov. 11-14 at the Richmond CenterStage. $20-$35. 355-2187. — Mike Hilleary

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