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Holmberg Resigns, Sets Sights on TV


Reporter Mark Holmberg is going from black and white to full color.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch crime writer and column finalist for the Pulitzer Prize submitted his resignation to T-D editors last week. Now the man who made his name reporting the gritty underbelly of Richmond's back alleys is preparing to begin reporting for WTVR-TV 6 News very soon.

"Mark Holmberg offered his resignation last week effective January 18, 2007," Frazier Millner, promotion manager at the paper, says in an e-mailed statement. "Holmberg informed his editors that he has other things he wants to do."

"We wish him the best," she wrote.

His move to television could come within weeks, says Sheryl Barnhouse, assistant news director at Channel 6. "At this point, he hasn't officially started working for us," she says, but "yes, he will be doing a little bit of work for us on a freelance basis."

His limited role could increase, Barnhouse says. "We've had some conversations about his future here," she says, calling those discussions "kind of a work in progress."

Holmberg, affectionately — and sometimes angrily, depending upon how many minutes were left until deadline — called "Slim" by his T-D editors, has been the subject of much speculation over the past few months.

His recent clashes and concerns with new management at the T-D were well-known and were documented in a Style cover story in July. He retired his twice-weekly column in October, and rumors swirled among staff that he'd leave by January.

Holmberg, always an enigma, was unavailable for comment at press time. S

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