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Historical framework should be preserved; Inspiring essay; He's no Virginia gentleman; Ad is a dud


Historical framework should be preserved
Bravo for the "commentary" of Edwin Slipek Jr. Architecture, April 18 concerning the current controversy surrounding the preservation or demolition of the Superior Building.

My family has recently moved to Church Hill precisely because we found value in living in a Historic District. I cannot say that we would have chosen to move here, entirely re-roof our home, and made the extensive investment we have made if we could not rely on the understanding that our area was protected by Historic Preservation ordinances.

In fact, we came here for the charm of the area, and to contribute to revitalization. If proximity to strip malls was our first priority we just wouldn't have come with our investment to Church Hill.

Destroy the historical framework and the city loses a jewel in its revitalization crown.
Jean M. Wight

Inspiring essay
I was inspired by Tom Allen's essay, "What's the Difference?" Back Page, April 18 for two main reasons. First, for the honesty and clarity with which he expresses the serious issue of God "making a difference" through His Son, Jesus Christ. Secondly, he points out that even the faithful ponder the questions he raises about the significance of God to daily human existence.

It took someone with Mr. Allen's fresh vision and courage to express what others may only dare think, to make me want to allow God "to get in my way."

Thank you, Mr. Allen, for using the gift that God has obviously given you.
Fritz Knapp

He's no Virginia gentleman
Regarding your article on Citizen Dean Cover story, April 18, it is too bad the multimillionaire is not more of a gentleman.

His comment about Alan Greenspan being ugly is somewhat like the pot calling the kettle black. But there again, possibly Mr. Dean is an authority on ugly, given the photo on the cover of the magazine and his comments in the article. A Virginia gentleman would never tell a guest or reporter to "get out of his living room."

Congratulations to Style Weekly for letting the readers know just what kind of person Mr. Dean really is.
Beverly Bouse

Ad is a dud
I agree with Scott Lewis Letters, April 11 regarding GRTC's irresponsible ads. I would like to note that an article in the same issue credits effective advertising for the success of Project Exile Metro, April 11.

Project Exile conveyed the message (on GRTC buses) that use of illegal guns netted the criminal five years in a federal prison. Result? Fifty percent reduction in violent crime in the Richmond metropolitan area.

The "take the bus instead" message tries to convey, humorously, that one should take the bus, instead of committing suicide, using a gas pump nozzle as a play gun. Result? Reduction in suicide?

The ad is a dud. It is highly offensive and should be removed.
Elena Siddall

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