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Rosie Right

Del. Albert C. Pollard Jr. has sent Rosie a charming little book that he and his cousin John Garland Pollard IV have just republished. It is a reprint of the 1935 edition of "A Connotary: Definions Not Found in Dictionaries," written by the late John Garland Pollard (governor of Virginia 1930-1934) and illustrated by the legendary Richmond political cartoonist, Fred O. Seibel.

Gov. Pollard collected (and manufactured) what he called connotations because, he wrote: "Words have their connotations as well as definitions. Definitions have been collected in dictionaries but so far as I am informed no attempt has ever been made to collect connotations, that is, inferences, true and false, which some people draw from words and phrases. Such an assembling might be called a 'Connotary,' a word which I have coined for this collection."

Here is a sampling of Gov. Pollard's listings:

"Alibi — the legal way of proving that a man was not at a place where he really was."

"Aristocrat — A member of a family that has long been descending."

"Christian —One who loves those he could not like."

"Horse Sense — The ability to say 'nay.'"

"Jury — Twelve men chosen to decide who is the best lawyer."

"Pessimist — One who sees a calamity in every opportunity."

"Senority Rule — The rule of senility."

"Worry — Interest we pay on trouble before it is due."

The Pollards are donating any profits to "the restoration genetics program at the College of William and Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), where they are working to breed a native oyster that can survive in today's waters."

You can find the book at Book People (288-4346)and Chicken's in the Capitol or order it by writing to VIMS attn. Chris Evans, PO Box 01346, Glouchester Point, Va. 23062 or by calling the VIMS office at 804-684-7729. The cost including shipping is $11.50 for the first copy and $9 for additional ones.

Let Rosie hear from you by telephone (358-0825, ext. 322), letter (1707 Summit Ave., Suite 201, Richmond, Va. 23230), fax (355-9089) or e-mail (

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