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Heide Trepanier creates a little chaos.

Trepanier's paintings are at their best when they combine as many varied elements as possible. The previously mentioned work, "The Game," depicts what looks like a swirling, epic struggle for king of the mountain. The dissonant, multicolored drips entangle one another in a view that resembles a freeze-frame shot of a C.G.I. battle scene.

This paint in pitched battle is an interesting aspect of her work mainly because it speaks to where contemporary painting has been taken by poured enamel artists such as Trepanier. While many painters of the past and present seek to gain quiet harmony and balance on their canvases, Trepanier encourages her paint splotches to duke it out to the death. — Jason Coates

Heide Trepanier's "Amnesia" will be showing at Reynolds Gallery, 1514 W. Main St., through March 12.

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