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Headdress Causes Offense


I am shocked and appalled at your cover and article in the November issue of Belle. While other respectable publications are taking time out during the month of November, which has been proclaimed Native American Heritage and Education Month, to educate the public as to the wrongs that have been done to Native American people and show respect to Native culture, you are running a cover of a white woman “playing Indian.” This is not showing respect to the Virginia Indian tribes and the hard times we have endured. Also the use of the word “squaw” is totally inappropriate. Squaw is a derogatory word, and no self-respecting American Indian would use it. If artist Kate Horne was really an activist, she wouldn't be adorning a headdress on a cover of a magazine or at any other time. This is our culture, not dress up for white people. You should be ashamed.

Kevin Brown
Pamunkey Indian Reservation

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