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Harrison Street Coffee Shop; Chez Foushee


Richmonders can finally get a good vegetarian lunch. Despite the widespread belief at restaurants around town, vegetarians do not live exclusively on black-bean burgers and veggie wraps.

The new Harrison Street Coffee Shop near Grace Street knows this and knows its way around its tempeh and textured vegetable protein. One look at the two chalkboard menus placed above the door and you'll think you died and went to vegetarian heaven. On a recent Friday afternoon we found meet loaf and mashed potatoes with gravy, a tempeh Rueben and an Asian tofu steak with spicy peanut sauce. The menu even had fakin and eggs for breakfast.

Harrison Street Coffee Shop serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week. 402 N. Harrison St. 359-8060.

Chez Foushee also makes for an interesting lunch. The restaurant introduced its new summer menu recently, with items like lima-bean humus on pita points and a lunch salad with a choice of new summer items like tortelini pesto and feta green beans. Open for lunch Monday through Friday. 203 N. Foushee St. 648-3225.

For some people though, the size of the meal is the first consideration. Pita points just aren't going to do it. Those among you know who you are, and would be wise to head down to the Bottom this Saturday for an all-you-can-eat crabfest at The Bottom Line. Eat in or take-out, the meals come with corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage for $25. Starts at 2

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