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Harlem Shakes and Passion Pit at the National


Exuberance is hardly in short supply with the Harlem Shakes. With a ramshackle smattering of folk, global-pop percussion, horns and harmony sing-a-longs, this Brooklyn outfit fills a rainbow's worth of joy without breaking pace on its recent full-length debut, “Technicolor Health.” Supported by lead singer Lexy Benaim's nasal delivery and quick-quipped lyrics, (“This will be a better year / Make a little money / Take a lot of shit / Feel real bad and get over it”), the Harlem Shakes make no apologizes for having a positive attitude, especially when it's one you can dance to. The band opens for the other attention getter, the electro-powered Passion Pit, which has been taking its sweetly psychedelic dance numbers across the country in a wake of sold-out shows. Remember the MGMT show here? Just saying. Passion Pit and Harlem Shakes play the National on Monday, June 8, at 7 p.m. $12-$14. Harlem Shakes also plays a free show at Plan 9 in Carytown at 7 p.m. 612-1900 or — Mike Hilleary

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