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"Happy Accidents"; "Max Keeble's Big Move"; "Corky Romano"; "Iron Monkey"

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!B! "Happy Accidents"!B! "Max Keeble's Big Move"!B! "Corky Romano"!B! "Iron Monkey"

Movies are rated out of a possible 5 popcorns.

"Happy Accidents" — Part love story and part sci-fi/time-travel fantasy, this weirdly intriguing little flick about the power of love has taken its own sweet time traveling to Richmond. Marisa Tomei and Vincent D'Onofrio play star-crossed lovers with a secret. While she's a multiple loser in the game of love, he's on the lam from the future, having traveled backward in time to break the chain of events that will cause her to die in an accident. But does she love him enough to believe him? Is he a nutcase or just a liar? Back and forth the movie goes, over and over again debating the central question: If you give your heart, can it save your life? Tomei and D'Onofrio turn in credible performances, although Tomei seems somewhat miscast, but the repetitive script is the movie's undoing.

"Max Keeble's Big Move" — No more nerd, no more prime bully target, those are the goals of spiky-haired, brainy but small-for-his-age Max Keeble (Alex D. Linz) as he begins middle school. He's even ditched his bassoon because he's figured out band ain't particularly cool. But Max's plans go swiftly awry as his worst fears come true. And his bravery kicks into high when he discovers his family will be moving away, so now it's time for some clever, much-deserved revenge. Then, just as our young hero is delivering his final coup de grace, it seems the family's move is canceled. Yikes! What's a 7th-grader to do?

"Corky Romano" — The very, very funny "Saturday Night Live" comedian Chris Kattan deserves a movie success. Unfortunately for the gifted actor and his legion of fans —myself included — this lazy, careless comedy is not that winning movie. Kattan is the title character, an effeminate klutz of a veterinarian's assistant who just happens to be the son of Mafia boss Peter Falk. When Dad needs someone to infiltrate the FBI to uncover what the feds have on him, sweetly simple Corky is pressed into service. Although intended to be a fish-outta-water tale with a comic Mafia twist, the humor in "Corky Romano" seems haphazard and clumsy. While there are several laugh-out-loud scenes, they are few and far between.

"Iron Monkey" — "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" fans will definitely want to catch this stateside release of Yuen Wo-Ping's 1993 redo of the Robin Hood myth. Directed by the man responsible for "Crouching Tiger's" dynamic fight sequences, "Iron Monkey" has a delightful abundance of kung fu wizardry. Which is a good thing, because the story line and some of the acting need serious help.

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