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Hanks Hopefuls Search for Space

So it's bound to be a surprise to many city residents to find out the place exists at all, much less that it could potentially call one of its inhabitants Tom Hanks.

True, Hanks may never visit. But the numerous guild-certified craftspeople working on his new HBO miniseries on John Adams could have their headquarters in the neighborhood.

Hanks and his entourage recently scouted locations in Williamsburg, The Virginia Gazette reported. Would the crew consider hunkering down in Richmond? Perhaps, if the parties trying to woo them, one the Virginia Film Office, can find suitable real estate.

What they need is a warehouse, of moderate but specific detail: private; 50,000 square feet minimum; ceiling clearance of at least 22 feet; open with columns widely spaced; available for approximately one year.

That shouldn't be too hard. A brief drive through Scott's Addition reveals that warehouses are practically the area's raison d'etre. The only problem is spreading the word. Style learned of the search — which may or may not include other areas of the city — after friends of the film office circulated an e-mail. Although the letter offered a name to contact for questions and more details, the film office politely but firmly rebuffed a reporter's call with an appeal to client confidentiality. In other words, unless you have the warehouse, they can't talk about it.

This saddles the film office with a bit of a conundrum, one that the organization may be mulling over right now: How do you find something like this without everyone knowing about it? — Wayne Melton

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