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Hangin' With Mr. Curry



It's downright impossible to see actor-comedian Mark Curry as anyone other than good ol' Mr. Cooper. The mid-'90s were good to Curry, who nabbed the top spot on the popular TV series "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper." After a five-season run, Cooper -- er, Curry — packed up and moved on. In April 2006 he suffered a freak accident that was no laughing matter. While doing his laundry, an aerosol can, lodged behind the water heater, exploded, leaving him severely burned and contemplating suicide. Fellow funnymen Bill Crosby and Sinbad came to his aid, emotionally nursing him back to health with, one would imagine, the medicine of laughter. Recovered and ready to entertain, Curry's Richmond performance will surely offer a new look at the enduring comedian, March 6-9 at the Funny Bone Comedy Club. $15. 521-8900.

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