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Hair Guru Is Idaho-Bound

Nesbit Complete Body Salon was among the first to create an e-mail client list and profit from it. Likewise, the hair studio grew its size and offerings, first at the Main Street salon, then last year by opening its sister salon, Nesbit Church Hill. The salon has also has marketed and developed its own line of hair and cosmetic products.

While Hatch has sold his share of the business to Wood, the moniker will remain. A new Nesbit salon will open in the West End later this year.

For now, the focus is on the namesake. Hatch's friends and coworkers have a big bash planned, one they hope will be an inimitable send-off for the man who first picked up a pair of scissors to pay for his dance habit — ballet, that is. They're throwing a party for Hatch April 10 from 4-8 p.m. at Nesbit the Complete Body Salon, 2311 W. Main St. The event is open to the public and includes music and refreshments.

"He is going to be so missed," says Heather Anderson, a Nesbit stylist who is helping plan the hit-the-road hoorah.

Despite the party being thrust upon him, Hatch demurs at the spotlight. But he spoke to Style nearly two years ago about people's hectic lifestyles and his antidotes for them. "The whole point is to slow down and get more reflective," he said.

But will he take his own advice in Idaho? What Hatch will do is a mystery, Anderson says, adding: "We have no idea whether he'll tap into the hair industry out there." — Brandon Walters

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