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Hager Pushes Common Sense

That state, Hager says, is serious — and tight.

At press time, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management's Web site reported: "Current Nationwide Threat Level High."

Should we be stockpiling duct tape, plastic sheathing and sundry necessities?

A soon-to-be prolific ad campaign could answer such questions and address what may become wartime matters. Richmond-based advertising agency The Martin Agency has been hired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security to develop what will likely be a kind of public-service campaign to inform citizens about what they can and should do in terrorist-related emergencies. A spokesperson for The Martin Agency referred Style's questions to FEMA. A representative of FEMA declined to give specifics just yet about the campaign.

Meantime, Hager shares some advice: Learn about preparedness through such groups as the state's office of emergency management and the American Red Cross. Stay aware of what's happening in the world so you're not caught off-guard. Know how you will communicate with friends and family if something happens, and where you will meet. Lastly, Hager says, volunteer to help where you can.

When asked whether it's safe to travel to reportedly high-risk places such as Washington D.C., Hager doesn't answer that question.

Instead, he says people should make up their own minds. "We're trying to get people's attention. We're trying to promote common sense." — Brandon

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