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Gun, Badge Stolen While Sheriff's Deputy Investigates Hotel

Watch out criminals: Richmond Sheriff's Office internal-affairs investigations can happen anywhere and at any time.

That includes the Comfort Inn at 7201 W. Broad St. in Henrico County at 2:30 a.m. Feb. 1, according to Richmond Sheriff C.T. Woody. It was there that Richmond Sheriff's Office Sgt. Milton Byrd was staked out in a room with an unidentified woman.

What Byrd was not staking out was the driver's side window of his own patrol car. According to reports filed afterward by both Byrd and Henrico Police investigators, it was smashed with a rock.

Taken from the car were Byrd's .357 SIG Sauer pistol, his Sheriff's Office identification card and his deputy badge, none of which were needed for Byrd's ongoing investigation inside the Comfort Inn suite.

A Comfort Inn employee, who asked not to be identified, says she recalls the February incident: Byrd checked in under a different name; the woman he was with had registered the room in her name; and Henrico investigators asked her to give them the number of the room where Byrd and the woman were staying as part of the investigation.

Citing department policy, Woody said he would not divulge what Sgt. Byrd was internally investigating with the unidentified female, or "whether he was investigating something at the time." He did say that Byrd was on duty "24-7" as an internal-affairs investigator and that at the time of the break-in Byrd was "on assignment."

Woody called break-ins and thefts from Sheriff's Office vehicles common: "It's no big deal about this happening."

The gun, badge and ID have not yet been recovered, according to Henrico Police spokesman Doug Perry.

Despite the smallness of the deal, Woody says his department conducted an internal-affairs investigation -- presumably not at the Comfort Inn in Henrico — and "Mr. Byrd was transferred." He's still on duty 24-7, according to Woody, but Byrd now is charged with serving warrants.

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