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GRTC ads irresponsible; Noodle Guy promises Kimbo's is worth the walk; Going for the lowest common denominator


GRTC ads irresponsible
Riding the bus may cut down on air pollution but the GRTC's ads increase mind pollution Street Talk, March 7

I work in advertising and feel I must speak out about the GRTC's ad campaign. I am incredibly disturbed by the use of suicidal imagery to promote taking the bus over driving, or to promote any product for that matter.

I think that these ads are incredibly irresponsible, not to mention insensitive to those who have experienced the tragedy of a loved one taking their own life.

There is much talk these days of gun control, kids killing kids and our constitutional rights. There is even much talk about violence in music lyrics, movies and video games, but this is a perfect example of a more pervasive, less obvious violent message. It's not only the eccentric movie directors and actors or angry young musicians sending messages of violence, but it is also button-down types in corner offices with marketing degrees who are responsible.

Advertising is a powerful communication tool. If it weren't so, companies wouldn't spend billions of dollars on ads every year and millions on a single spot during the Super Bowl. The agency and client are responsible for the message they choose to send, but ultimately, it is the audience of such messages who are responsible for speaking out against messages that pollute our minds and culture.

Scott Lewis

Noodle Guy promises Kimbo's is worth the walk
Thank you for a great food review (Dining, March 21 Noel Patrick was very complimentary and provided us with some valuable feedback. However, we would like to correct two mistakes.

First, our hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Secondly, Fan residents, business persons and VCU faculty/students will have every reason to make the simple and easy trek to Kimbo's Noodle Bar and WIDE Coffee Lounge. Our daily mission is to make people feel good. And we are committed to working hard to make that happen for every person who walks through our doors. We will soon be opening our new brick patio, as well as introducing an expansion of our COOL Noodles menu.

Thanks again for getting the word out.

Steve Kim
Head Noodle and Coffee Guy
Kimbo's Noodle Bar & WIDE Coffee Lounge

Going for the lowest common denominator
One has to wonder how the geniuses at Channel 8 come up with these bad programming decisions (The Score, March 21).

ABC has great programs such as "Politically Incorrect" and "The View" These are two programs talked about nationally all the time, but we never see them. Instead for our viewing pleasure, we get "Sally Jessy Raphael," "Extra," and "Inside Edition."

Do they really feel that they have to appeal to the lowest common denominator for ratings and demographics?

Cat Johnson

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